A Brighter Future with Reliable, Affordable, Sustainable Energy


To us, sustainability means delivering reliable, affordable, low-carbon electricity over a grid that is more efficient, resilient and secure. We are utilizing new and existing resources to achieve a goal of net-zero emissions.

We’ve been planning for a brighter, more sustainable future for a long time. We’ve spent the past decade reducing our dependence on carbon-intensive power generation, and as a result, our current fuel mix is more than 50 percent carbon free. Coal-fired generation makes up only 5 percent of our portfolio, compared with the national average of 13 percent.

More than half of our power comes from emissions-free nuclear generation, an extremely reliable, safe and affordable source of electricity. Our early investment in nuclear energy has allowed our members and communities to benefit from the lowest carbon electricity in the Southeast. In addition, we are increasingly integrating renewables into our already diverse array of power sources as new technology, such as battery storage, makes renewable energy a more accessible option.

Looking to the decade ahead and beyond, Edgecombe-Martin County EMC remains focused on providing electricity that is reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible.


To meet these goals while maintaining reliability and affordability, we will continue to prioritize emissions-free nuclear as a key part of our energy future. Access to natural gas generation, which can be dispatched quickly when needed, will also continue to serve as a critical complement to our other power sources.

With other North Carolina electric cooperatives, Edgecombe-Martin County EMC is testing and evaluating new energy solutions and innovative technology that will help reduce power costs and make our sustainability goals a reality. The cooperative network is coordinating thousands of resources — including solar, microgrids, batteries, electric vehicle chargers, and even smart thermostats and water heaters in our members’ homes and businesses — to dispatch generation when it is needed and trim electricity use during times of peak demand.

This coordination within the grid is what truly sets electric cooperatives apart. Because Edgecombe-Martin County EMC and other electric co-ops are based in and belong to the local communities we serve, new technologies enable our members to play an important role in shaping the future of the electric grid and making power more affordable, reliable and sustainable for everyone.

Our Diverse Energy Mix